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A Century of Dedication to Organ Music

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Welcome to The Alamo Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

Since 1924, the Alamo Chapter AGO has been an important presence in the San Antonio music world. Together with the national association, we promote excellence in the performance of organ and choral music. We also provide a forum for mutual support, education, and certification of AGO members. Reach out to our Guild of Organists in San Antonio, TX, today.

Depend on us for everything you need to know about available organist positions and substitute organists. 

Join us as we celebrate the joy of art and music. Don't miss out on the exciting events coming up in 2020.

Become a part of San Antonio's organist community.

About Us

The Alamo Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is a dedicated group of organists under the leadership of our Dean, Mark Marty. Our mission is to support fellow organists dealing with a range of issues, including salaries, pastors, certifications, sponsorships, events, and much more. We aim to create a connected and involved community of organ professionals. 

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